Youngstown, Ohio

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Upcoming Brunch Date: February 9th 2019

Theme: Polymer Clay Crafting

Our chapter colors are Ocean and Teal

Brunch Recaps

April 2017 – Inaugural Brunch! International Tabletop Day and Stranger Things

May 2017 – Female Superheroes

June 2017 – All Things Disney

July 2017 – All Ameri-Con

July 2018 – Youngstown Comic Con

August 2018 – Science

September 2018 – Game of Thrones Summer Picnic

October 2018 – Supernatural

November 2018 – Blind Date with a Book

December 2018 – Fandom Free-For-All

January 2019 – Murder Mystery

February 2019 – Crafting Brunch

The Youngstown Officers


Origin Story: Samantha came to the geek side after receiving her calling to journey to America and fight alongside the Slayers, helping to close the Hell Mouth and fight back evil. With evil at bay (for the time at least) she has made the most of new experiences available to her here in America, including the fascinating culture of cosplay, learning how to craft costumes and props for both herself and others (though the sewing machine still continues to be a challenge).

In her spare time she enjoys taking in the cinematic productions of the Marvel universe with her Partner in crime and their fuzzy sidekicks, and indulging them all with her culinary creations. (The latest cuisine to take her interest is Japanese Bento, and trying to learn how to perfectly roll Tamagoyaki.)

Geeky Loves: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, The Avengers, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Sherlock to name just a few.

Brunch Drink: Bloody Mary

Find her at:
Tumblr – Comingupscarlet
Etsy – Comingupcreations


Origin Story: Heather started out life as a Disney princess but quickly found that if she wanted something done it was better to do it herself, so she became a vampire queen. In the process she mastered the culinary and martial arts. She has a 1st degree black apron to match her 1st degree Kwanmukan black belt.  

By day she is a mild-mannered accountant but by night she becomes The Numerator, an epic hero working to defeat her evil arch rival The Denominator who eats away at everything she does. She practices both regular and aerial yoga to keep The Denominator’s entropy ray from hitting her. Her sewing, knitting, and crochet skills helped her craft her superhero costume and numerous renaissance faire costumes.

Geeky Loves: Batman, X-Men, Doctor Who, Firefly, Disney, Star Wars, Deadpool, Alton Brown. Star Trek, True Blood, Dracula, Dark Shadows, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Babylon 5, Highlander, and Harry Potter

Brunch Drink: Red Sangria

Geeky CrushesThe Doctor, I’ve never denied it. But whoever said The Doctor loved me back? The Doctor doesn’t go around falling in love with people. And if you think The Doctor’s anything that small or that ordinary, then you haven’t the first idea of what you’re dealing with.


Origin Story: Nikki is  a real Valley Girl.  After breaking the bonds of the Mahoning valley early she moved and traveled for a while. She’s been back home for more than a decade and appreciates the world and this little corner of it more for her travels.

Nobody is just one thing! Her interests are varied: reading, playing games, day drinking, movies, the occasional MOOC, outdoor activities like running and bicycling and off-roading,   sci-fi, traveling when she can, local historical society, and she is an Ohio State endorsed motorcyclist. Let’s not forget taking care of the doggo! She’s pretty awesome.

She’s a long-time gamer, dabbler, and middle-achiever.  She gets to express some of her geekiness through her job as Convention Coordinator for North Star Game where she herds cats:  traveling with different bands of rowdy fun-makers who volunteer for her at conventions around the country.

Geeky Loves: Big Trouble in Little China, Star Wars, Star Trek Next Gen, Lord of the Rings, Archer, Galaxy Quest, Terry Pratchett, board games,  Youtube videos of Dr Irving Finkle

Brunch Drink:  Irish Coffee, Bloody Mary, or Mimosa-she’s old fashioned that way…but she wouldn’t order an Old Fashioned for brunch.

Geeky Crushes: Captain Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds, Burt Reynolds,… Reynolds Wrap


Origin Story: I’m your resident scifi and fantasy nerd here. I spent most of childhood growing up in museums and I fell in love with dreams of outer space and the great beyond. While I wait for our evil over lords to over through us I enjoy watching anime and building cosplay. I enjoy crocheting and learning and all kinds of art. Like a butterfly the flies around to all different types of flowers I enjoy all things geeky and nerdy. I also greatly enjoyed meeting like minded people and finding common joys.

Geeky love: aliens and predators, vampires, renaissance fairs, cosplaying, steampunk, comic books, magic the gathering card game. Gaming in general.

Brunch drink: ruby slipper

Geeky crushes: Wolverines, Sabertooth, Sesshomaru, Predator, Riddick, Kain, Raziel, Alucard, Lestat, Gargoyles, Kakashi, Vampire hunter D.


Origin Story: After battling with the Rebel Alliance for some time, Aubrey came back home to settle down into a less adventurous life. While she still sometimes battles a monster or two in Dungeons and Dragons, she spends most of her time living vicariously through video games and books. The land of Skyrim is her favorite place to visit in these mediums. She has two cats, Luke and Leia, whom she named after the famous war heroes she fought alongside.

In her spare time, Aubrey loves going to Medieval Faires, knitting, coloring, video games, reading, writing, listening to Fall Out Boy, and being a badass elf rogue.

Geeky Loves: Star Wars, comic books, Star Trek, video games, tabletop RPG’s…. well RPG’s in general, books, sci-fi movies, superhero movies, just movies in general, etc.

Geeky Crushes: Loki, Dr. Doom, Deadpool, Winter Soldier, Kylo Ren, Squall Leonhart, Farkas, oh man the list goes on…

Brunch Drink: Coffee (what can I say, I’m boring)

Find her At:

Instagram: @bulletproof_lonliness

Fall Out Boy fan page: @x_infinity_on_high_x