Youngstown, Ohio

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Our chapter colors are Ocean and Teal

The GGB Youngstown Chapter was founded in April of 2017, and we kicked it off with an International Tabletop Day, and Stranger Things brunch which was a huge success. We had ten members attend that first brunch, and since then we’ve seen the Youngstown chapter grow and grow.

We enjoy celebrating all things geeky, making those most of our local comic convention, our enjoyment of fandoms, science, and books, and our general love of geeky women! But that’s just a small part of what we love and enjoy sharing.

The Youngstown chapter has also set up a monthly book club where members make suggestions on titles they’d like to share, and we spend a couple of hours a month teasing apart these literary worlds.

We also host a monthly Dungeons and Dragons game for those that enjoy being the authors of their own fantasy stories!

We’re always looking for other new ways to share our geeky interests and can’t wait for you to join us, and join the fun!

At the heart of the Youngstown chapter is the idea that those who identify as geeky women can come together and enjoy the benefits of a safe space where they can hang out, make friends, and share in their interests. We continue to accept new members, and are so pleased to have seen the growth of the chapter since April 2017!

If you feel that you have a geeky love don’t hesitate to join us! We will be happy to have you!

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