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Twin Cities Officers

Lindsey Taveren

Officer, +2 Spreadsheet Wielder, Dungeon Master1236710_701130592188_2020161966_n

Origin Story: Lindsey spends her days in the bowels of a library helping researchers and alchemists further their studies. She moonlights as a Dungeon Master, reads comics over breakfast, is constantly attempting to master the Japanese language, and aspires to be as great a warrior woman as Xena. She is the founder and head editor of where she and other feminist, nerdy ladies celebrate the positive representation of women in media.

Geeky Top Ten: Writing Speculative Fiction, Xena: Warrior Princess, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli Films, Lord of the Rings, TTRGPs, Tomb Raider, Wonder Woman, & Rat Queens

Brunch Drink:  Coffee with cream & sugar

Anime Boyfriend: Mamoru Chiba aka タキシード仮面


Cecelia Isaac

Officer, Writer of Truth & Whimsy, Queen of TeaRShw8V4Y_400x400

Origin Story: Cecelia Isaac is a writer, teacher, reader, traveler, and writer (again). When not procrastinating, she weaves together stories about awesome heroines from strange lands. She is also the co-editor of Her Story Arc. Look out for her forthcoming novel (2015!), and other exciting projects!

Brunch Drink:  Jasmine Tea


Christin Light

Officer, MIDI Enthusiast, Cape-Wearer

Origin Story: Christin has been a geek as far back as she can remember: in kindergarten, she vividly remembers telling her teacher how to spell “Chronicles” in reference to her favorite book series while rocking a Rainbow Brite haircut. These days, she lives in Saint Paul with her two Burmese cats and works as a data analyst by day and on music and art projects in her free time.  In addition, she is currently learning how to play the magnificent beast that is an Etherwave theremin.

Brunch Drink:  Coffee with cream and blood orange mimosas.

Geeky Top Ten: Anything Bioware, anything Joss Whedon, Studio Ghibli Films, Lord of the Rings, The Last Unicorn, dabbling in R, Ableton Live, indie video games on Steam, EteRNA, and Long Live the Queen.


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