Quad Cities, Iowa/Illinois

Welcome to the Quad Cities Chapter!


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                    Upcoming Brunch: September 11th, 2016

                    Theme: Pokémon!


Meet the Quad Cities Officers!

Meet Amanda Jo


Amanda Jo is a Lvl 26 professional nerd. Born to a geeky dad and kickass mom her fate was inevitable. As a reader of comics, cosplay newbie, player of video games and Disney fanatic; Amanda Jo is not afraid to let her geek flag fly. You can usually find her playing Halo or knee-deep in a debate about why Geek Girls are the coolest.

Geeky Loves: Comics, Gaming, Disney, Harry Potter, Attack on Titan

Brunch Drink: Mimosa. Hold the orange juice

Follow Amanda Jo on:
Instagram: @mandelionn
Twitter: @mandelionn

Meet Nicole

11151073_2776015157549_7403774540003881476_nNicole is 27 and has had a long geeky life.  She started cosplaying a few years ago and really enjoys the community.  She has been reading comics for more than half her life, and also enjoys crafting things out of beat up comics.  She has an etsy shop called NerdygirlRaven, where she helps other geeky brides create their own geeky wedding. She enjoys watching movies she has seen hundreds of times, including her Disney VHS tapes.

Geeky Loves: Comics, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Disney

Brunch Drink: mimosa

Follow Nicole on:

Instagram: @ravenxwonder
Facebook: facebook.com/nerdygirlraven
Cosplay Amino: @ravenxwonder





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