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Origin story: Born and bred in Milwaukee, Liz has been a geek since she dropped out of the womb. If there’s magic or supernatural creatures involved, then Liz has probably read or watched it a million times and could quote it back to you. Despite keeping company with comic book readers for most of her formative years, the medium didn’t really stick until her thirties, but now she has a pull list just like the other cool kids. When Liz isn’t out and about in the city she loves, keeping score at baseball games or drinking as much beer as her belly can hold, she’s at home with her ginger kitty Thackery Binx frantically catching up on TV shows and blogging at Keysmash.

Brunch drink: Bloody Maria; after a messy breakup with vodka it’s all tequila, all the time

Fictional boyfriend/girlfriend/BFF: Dean Winchester

Geeky Loves: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Hellblazer (or anything featuring John Constantine, really), Firefly, literally every comic-based show the CW has done or will do EVER, The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and yes, Angel too), Lumberjanes, Rat Queens, Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly (lbr anything Kelly Sue is involved in, or her hubby), blogging, crafts, baseball, hockey

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Origin story: Raya was born in the Cream City aka the 414. She grew up watching Power Rangers, reading and watching super hero movies. Obsessed with DC and Marvel heroes, she loves going to cons to meet some of her favorite characters. When Raya is not fangirling and trying to get bitten by radioactive spiders, she is getting coffee/drinks with friends and netflixing it up. Also a die hard foodie, avid coffee drinker, ice cream fanatic, so brunch is where it’s at.

Brunch drink: Beermosa (it’s delightful)

Geeky boyfriend/girlfriend/BFF: Oliver Queen from Arrow

Geeky Loves: DC (love all of the movies and TV shows), Marvel (the movies *insert heart eyed emoji), books, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Funko Pops!, Disney, Harry Potter, Cons, Netflix, Teen Wolf, Supernatural and many more.

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