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Your Kansas City Officers!

Meet Amanda

Amanda is a Midwest native who loves the culture and the people of Kansas City and is excited to foster the local geek girl community and help it grow.

Well-known to family and friends as a book nerd, she can always be found with a book on hand (and a recommendation or five if you need them!) She has a pretty wide variety of interests and is unapologetically enthusiastic about the things that she loves…and loves to encourage that in others, too.

An aspiring writer, she blogs over at +5 Charisma once in a while, and is a regular participant in NaNoWriMo.

Geeky Loves: Star Wars, books, tea, Alice in Wonderland, World of Warcraft, gaming, mermaids, My Little Pony, cats, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, philosophy, theology, yoga, writing, baseball, Chicago (go Cubbies!), and monsters.

Brunch Drink: Mojito

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Meet Angie

Angie Pedersen, co-officer of Geek Girl Brunch-Kansas City chapterBy day, Angie works as a content strategist, but by night/weekend, she gets her geek on! She started on her geek path early, watching reruns of the original Star Trek series with her dad. While she remembers seeing Star Wars: Episode IV and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn in the theaters during their premiere releases, she hopes you won’t do the math on that.

Warp ahead a few years, and these days Angie enjoys crafting while geeking – usually crocheting projects while watching superhero shows with her husband — and contributes weekly to GeekCrafts.com. She is “multi-craftual” — in addition to crochet, she also enjoys paper crafting, decoupage, and a little knitting and sewing. Angie is the author of three best-selling scrapbook journaling books, as well as The Star Trek Craft Book.

She also enjoys attending the occasional con with her husband, who is an indie fantasy novelist.

Having grown up in Kansas City, Angie is committed to nurturing the geek community in her hometown, and is Head Geek at KCGeeks.com.

Geek loves: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly and the Whedonverse, Arrow, The Flash, Daredevil, Avengers, Battlestar Galactica, Sherlock, the Dresden Files, Bob’s Burgers, geekcrafting, and listening to audiobooks.

Brunch drink: something fruity

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Meet Nichole

Spoopy, gothic geek lady. Making my way in the world as a caregiver, a peer counselor and a social justice activist. In other words, I’m a feminist. Favorite pastimes are movies at the theater, playing role playing games and cuddling with my kitty furbabies.
Geeky loves: MCU, D&D, horror, fandoms, fan theiries, creepypastas, video games, original characters, The Neverending Story.


Meet Melissa

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Meet Phoebe

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