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Saturday, August 15, 2015
Superhero Origin Stories
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The Indy Officers



Origin Story: Sarah is a cheerful toddler mommy and a professional nerd. Her work-from-home IT powers have yet to transform her into Mac from Veronica Mars, but it’s got to happen any day now. When she’s not furiously typing, she’s enthusing over purposely obscure indie bands, buying all the orange things, tweeting incomprehensible one-liners and [occasionally] full-on Fluttershy Failing at raising her voice. She’s an ISFJ with a capital I-F. And she likes you a lot.

Geeky Loves: Marvel, Orphan Black, Firefly, Veronica Mars, Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Battlestar Galactica, Pushing Daisies, vintage Simpsons, Twin Peaks.

Brunch Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper ALL day, EVERY day.

Geeky Boyfriend: Ned the Piemaker



Origin Story: Part Vulcan, part dragon, part cyborg. Cleverly disguised as merely a simple housewife, she is actually… well, a slightly more complicated housewife? Her biggest contributions to society include being a Staff Ninja for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, helping out with a monthly series over at 1 More Castle,  & actively engaging in the eternal battle of turning all of the string in the world into all sorts of different items (aka “knitting”). When not found on the internet or grasping yarn, she’s probably reading, playing video games, cooking, adventuring in Dungeons & Dragons, or snuggling a bird or a snake. ISTJ.

Geeky Loves: Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Les Miserables, Ender’s Game, Nintendo, Dragon Age, Jeff Goldblum, just about anything from the 1980s, Pixar, Muppets.

Brunch Drink: Tea wins over everything

Geeky Boyfriend: Varric Tethras



Erini CS - GGB Indy

Origin Story: Erini is a little nerdy, a lot awesome, and completely adorkable. She recently returned to the central Indiana area after 8 years of living in Chicago and running away with a circus punk rock marching band. She spent the last half of her 20s as a Brand Ambassador for Nintendo. Now, she is spending her days back in school for a second bachelor’s degree in Archaeology with the hopes of spending the rest of her days working in (slash-never-ever-ever leaving) museums and/or national parks. INFJ

Geeky Loves: museums, state & national parks/monuments, dinosaurs, Tolkien, Nintendo, Barbara Gordon, Kamala Khan, Spider Gwen, also just comics in general, Mucca Pazza (& other brass bands), YA Fantasy, hiding in libraries, 50s-60s decor/gadgets/technology, Creature Shop.

Brunch Drink: Rooibos chai in almond milk if I can find it… or any sort of mimosa because bubbles.

Geeky Boyfriend: Clint Barton. Or Fili. Or Chris Hemsworth. Or Mucca Pazza. Or…


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