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Meet the Des Moines Officers!

Maggi Mae

11149280_10205044321926005_8902224996508994156_n Maggi Mae grew up torn between whether she is a Vulcan, a Jedi or a Wizard; unsure if she should accept her letter to Hogwarts, join the Star Fleet Academy or learn the ways of the Force. Unable to decipher her one true calling she decided to peruse all three! Now that she is an adult you can find her playing video games on Steam or her PS4 with her prince charming, reading comics snuggled with her fluffy golden retriever, Watson Tiberius Sevchenko, playing bored games with her guy friends or geeking out over a movie or T.V. show. By day Maggi is basically Jessica Jones, but instead of bad guys she is hunting down STD’s (yes really). Recently she soft launched her own Etsy store, Ready Player 3, where she hand makes modern chunky crochet baby blankets with a geeky twist!

Geeky Top Ten: Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Daredevil, Portal, Fallout 4, Alien, Doctor Who, Orphan Black and Wolverine.

Brunch Drink: I like to start with a spicy blood marry (with bacon obviously) and follow it with a Mimosa or two.

Instagram: @wakeup_maggi