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Meet the Glasgow Officers


Becky grew up in Aberdeen watching Star Wars and playing Repton on the Acorn Electron.  Her love of gaming really blossomed when she discovered Nintendo, and her best ever job was doing German tech support for the Sega Dreamcast (basically getting paid to play Sonic the Hedgehog and occasionally answer a few phonecalls). These days she lives with her husband and three cats in Glasgow, where she works as a teacher. She loves a good burger, can’t work out how to take selfies, and if she was on Mastermind, her specialist subject would be Friends.


Geeky Top Ten: Star Wars, Studio Ghibli, Serenity / Firefly, Saga, Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda, geeky cross stitch, Harry Potter, Disney, Lord of the Rings

Brunch Drink: Margarita




Kate/Kathleen answers to both names, so it’s as you wish what you call her! The first film she saw at the cinema was Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back when she was 4, and, lo! the geek within was awakened. Her love of gaming and fantasy fiction came together in the Amiga game Moonstone in her teenage years. Gaming has taken a back seat in recent years, but not for much longer as she’s recently bought Elder Scrolls V and Lego Star Wars! Kate/Kathleen is currently a secondary school librarian in Glasgow, which provides some brilliant opportunities for getting kids into geekery of all kinds. Her alter ego is the Victorian Librarian, and she is a huge Pre-Raphaelites fangirl, in addition to swooning over Captain Mal and Rupert Giles.

Geeky Top Ten: in no particular order, Lego, Star Wars, the Gail Carriger-verse, Tomm Moore animations (e.g. The Secret of Kells), Studio Ghibli, fairytales, Doctor Who, Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon.

Brunch Drink: The Big Bad Wolf, a whisky-based cocktail which tastes like a barbecue in a glass (alas, only available in the Lockhart, a geeky bar in Toronto).

Mel and Kate info coming soon!