Brighton (& Portsmouth), England

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Howdy, Brunchettes!

Hello from the exotic shores of Brighton!

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Meet the Brighton (& Portsmouth) Officers!


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Pepi is a Marvelite, who loves reading comics and discovering more about Geek Anthropology through them. She’s also hooked in many fandoms and loves Superhero movies, fantasy books, and lots of fantastic shows. Pepi works as a Social Media Wizard during the day and writes a lot on her blog about her favorite fandoms. She prefers villains, and so she wrote a lengthy book about her beloved Loki.

You can find her walking around the streets next to her favorite comic book store in Brighton and reading books about fandoms and anthropology in the geekiest coffee shops in town.

Geeky Obsessions: Loki of Asgard, Captain Hook (and Captain Swan), Spider-Gwen, Hobbits and Elves, Luna Lovegood (and Snape!), wizards, fantastic creatures, and talking about comics and films!

Brunch drinks: Mojitos, beer, pink sparkling wine.

Headcanon fanfic loves: Loki, Hook, Lagertha, Ragnar, Swan.

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Becca is a misplaced Northerner, Potterhead and all around comic fan. By day she is a mild mannered office drone, by night she reads endlessly and watches terrible movies with no shame. She once made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.

Geeky Obsessions: Potter, Star Wars, Disney, Historical fantasy where it shouldn’t be, realistic scientific explanations for fantasy nonsense.

Brunch drinks: Buckfizz, Martini, G&T

Headcanon fanfic loves: Logurt. Allways.

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Reader, Dreamer, Adventurer, Gamer, Herbivore, Rocker, Ravenclaw, Dork – Emma is a jack of all nerd trades, who works behind a desk during the day, but by night, she is Scruffy Little Nerd Herder.

With the help of her two turtle sidekicks, a disgustingly obsessive love of pizza, and more sparkles and glitter than an adult should own, she lives her nerd life one day at a time, documenting it as she goes.

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Jackie is an avid fanfiction reader and also writes fanfiction for the Cabenson fandom. She subscribes to the OTP per fandom idea rather than one OTP to rule them all.
She loves comic books with strong female characters (good or evil) such as Batwoman, Harley Quinn, Lumberjanes, and Jem & The Holograms.

She is also deliriously happy that Golden Girls funkos exist.

Jackie works in a language school by day, but in her spare time she runs two geek groups.
You can usually find her supping on a frappuccino and writing fanfiction.

Geeky obsessions: Hermione Granger, X files, comic cons, Garbage Pail Kids, fanfiction, movies, trying as many different flavours of Oreos as possible.

Brunch drinks: Margaritas, mojitos, oreo shakes

Headcanon/Fanfic loves: Cabenson, Kegan, J/7, Fleurmione, Scully x Reyes

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