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The Dominica Officers


Chelsea started off at 9 as a weeb and her brother’s favourite backseat gamer with Naruto and Metroid: Fusion. After a decision to embark on her first solo adventure with a certain Yellow electric mouse, a few comic books and a couple of Zelda games later, she was down the rabbit hole with no intention of leaving Wonderland.These days Chelsea hopes to be a comic book artist and spends her time dreaming of Gotham, drafting her own Caribbean based magical girl webcomic and sifting through the stacks of random comics at the local bookstore looking for gems. But she with two busy distant best friends she needed other like-minded people to hang out and discuss geekery with. After seeing GGB pictures and hearing about it from one of the founders she knew she’d found it.

Geeky Top Ten: The Bat-verse, Webcomics, Studio Ghibli, Princess Bride, Disney, LotR, Pokemon, WTNV, Video Games

Brunch Drink: Chelsea (drink invented for and named after her and it’s the best thing ever)

Anime Boyfriend: Bruce Wayne



Dellaria IMG-20150201-WA0001

Dellaria lives in The Commonwealth of Dominica, also known as the nature isle of the Caribbean, which is in – you guessed it – the Caribbean! Not being very picking with nicknames the list of names used to refer to this island dweller is getting ridiculous now! They love nature but spends most of their time indoors wasting their life on the internet. A passion for social justice, equity, environmental sciences, farming, animals (especially cats), and all forms of creativity has somehow brought them to the field of teaching (kindergarten to be specific). But when they’re not making lesson plans, stressing about university, studying, or doing anything productive they’re playing first shooter games, crying over anime and cartoons, talking to animals (cue The Wild Thornberry’s intro), and being capricious.

Geeky Top Ten: First shooter games, hidden object games, anything where zombies are included, Avatar: TLA & LoK, thriller books, coding

Brunch Drink: Wine


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