Berlin, Germany

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Herzlich Willkommen bei den

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English and german speaking group!

Upcoming event:
16. August 2017 ~14.30
Open Summer Mini Event
“Barbie the Video Game Hero”
Grown Geek Girls support Geek Girls in the making
by watching  this stellar movie together.
Crashing gender stereotypes with nice comments allowed by Petra (mom), who doesn’t really know how that happened!
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The Berlin Officers

Growing up within sight of the Black Forest this little geek sapling took a while to thrive. After decades of daring to enter comic book shops without male guidance, she accumulated a remarkable comic collection. Working in the bookselling business also helped a lot with broadening her geeky horizon. A diverse taste in film and TV series and some mild gaming experience sort of completes the picture. Times changed and now she indulges the amenities of Berlin, the modern days of binge watching on Netflix and Amazon and the joy of passing on the geek virus to her offspring.

Geeky Top Ten: OMG only ten? Doctor Who, Game of Thrones (and yes, I read the books, too!), Philip K. Dick and Studio Ghibli stuff in general, Alien (Ripley, you are my hero), The Leftovers, and a lot more. Comiclove: Saga, Paper Girls, Deadpool, Fables, I hate Fairyland, ….


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