GGB Fairfield: Fireside Brunch

For January’s meetup, Geek Girl Fairfield kicked it old school with a simple brunch of bottomless mimosas and some fireside chats to warm up during this cold winter.


The brunchettes all gathered at Tavern on Main in Westport, CT.  Tavern on Main is a quaint little pubfireside where we sat by the fire and had some quality geek chat.  After playing some catch up and doing some introductions, we ordered a big flatbread pizza for the table to share and officers Kat and Rhiannon busted out some random nerdy trivia.  Rhiannon brought out some general, but certainly not easy, questions, but Kat brought it hard with the strong female trivia.  Two of our brunchettes absolutely crushed this trivia and won some really important prizes – authentic Duncan Yo-yos.

We continued our brunch with feasts of egg benedict, challah French firesidetoast, and grilled cheese sandwiches, and gabbed on about other upcoming events in the geek world, like the upcoming Black Panther movie, and shared recommendations with the group for the others to check out, such as One-Punch Man which is truly a hilarious must see.  Most of this conversation was carried out in awful New York accents that none of seemed to be able to stop doing.

We stood in the rain to say our goodbyes and to take one last group picture and gushed about our excitement for the next Geek Girl Brunch Fairfield gathering.


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