The Emerald Coast Drinks and Knows Things

Emerald Coast GGB “Drinks and Knows Things”

In the agony of having to wait until 2019 for the final season of Game of Thrones to be released, the Emerald Coast chapter proudly hosted a brunch dedicated to the misery of that waiting.  The theme was chosen at our first brunch by a lucky member and we ran with the opportunity.

drinksWe decided to head off to McGuire’s for our second brunch.  If you have ever heard of the Emerald Coast, then you have heard of McGuire’s.  A rambling pub that boasts at least six sitting areas, an outside pub, a huge gift shop, an upstairs for bands – this place was just the sort of location we needed.  Raising an Irish Wake (limit 3) in a toast to everyone’s favorite fight for the Seven Kingdoms, we discussed theories, who we want to see on the Iron Throne, and which castle we think Bronn should end up with!

With choices such as the Mexican Hangover Omelette or Eggs Killarney, Belgian Waffles or Breakfast Burgers, we all had our fill of delicious food.  The bottomless mimosas did not hurt the occasion either! Did we mention our table had a gigantic lazy Susan in the middle of it!  Our waitress had a grand old time spinning that bad boy around to make sure all the drinks were topped off and the food was flowing!


There were some awesome donations of swag to be raffled off this month: a Game of Thrones coloring book where the red crayon is always in style, a bottle of White Walker ale, and a string art piece ready to take out your enemies (or just hang on your wall).


Eleven ladies (and one Grandma) had a blast socializing, sharing their passions for all things nerd, and just enjoying each other’s company.  The spark from our first brunch was not lost and we all had a great time!


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