Great Hera! GGB Baltimore does DC

Great Hera! It was a beautiful Saturday morning when the ladies of GGB Baltimore made their way to Federal Hill for brunch. This month we were celebrating all things DC, fresh on the heels of the amazing Wonder Woman movie.  We made our way to the quirky, yet awesome Blue Moon Too, sister café to the Blue Moon café. There was a little bit of a wait, but it was well worth it in the long run. Once we were seated, we were treated to the menu to see why the café is such a popular spot.  If you do happen to stop in, its good to note that all the pop culture paintings hanging on the walls are for sale! It was decided that if we had the money we most likely would have collectively wiped them out!


Once our orders of Captain Crunch French Toast, Sweet Baby Jesus and an insanely amazing breakfast crab roll, because this is Baltimore after all and it wouldn’t be a meal if crab meat wasn’t thrown in there at some point, conversation dove right into Wonder Woman. It was a collective agreement that DC finally did a movie right, as well as the importance of female superheroes in the mainstream media for younger generations. It was discussed that one of our officer’s niece was shocked that Supergirl was going to kick a bad guy’s butt and come out on top. It was then pointed out that there aren’t too many shows on tv anymore like when many of us were kids, between Xena and Buffy to even Sailor Moon.

Hera                    Hera

Once we got our food, none of us were good after, that is how delicious the food was. By the end of the meal, all of us were ready to be rolled out the door and had to let out some belt buckles. As we enjoyed our meals though, the conversation switched from DC to the upcoming Black Panther movie and the importance of representation.

Hera Hera

On that ending note, the girls broke from brunch for the day. Be sure to keep watch on your emails for July’s brunch. Its going to be a little bit different this time, so keep an eye out for the next evite and the facebook page!! See you lovely ladies next month!


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