GGB San Antonio’s March Musicals

Musicals are our jam!

GGB San Antonio returned to the scene of The Magic Time Machine (which hosted our earlier brunch, last year, for Disney) this time to celebrate the wonders and delights of musicals.

The Magic Time Machine is an amazing restaurant where everyone from hostesses to waiters to people in the back dress up as characters and stay in character the whole time. Like the last time, we were besieged with love, antics, flirting, jokes, and singing from Captain Jack, Queen Elsa, and Princess Anna.

The geek girls were also given a new load of characters for their very own for the day:

King Julian (from Disney’s Madagascar), Mario (from the beloved video games), and special guest appearances several times by Ariel (from Disney’s Little Mermaid) and Lara Croft (from all things Tomb Raider).

 musicals musicals


As always our brunch started with amazing coloring sheets (of Glinda from Wicked), and surprise grab bags (with name tags from all across musical history, to count out stars from Hamilton, to small candles bearing the words “Would you light my candle?” from Rent, and the sheet music of “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story).



It, also, started out delightfully with Ariel — who was not one of our reserved servers, coming to scope out this delightful pronouncement of their being an entire room of geek girls that she had to come find — and after hearing of our last year escapade of singing “Let It Go!” with Anna and Elsa last year, brunch this time began with a rousing rendition of “Part of Your World.”

musicals musicals

This was only the beginning of what became an amazing series of gorgeous antics throughout the brunch. The highlights of which included:

  • A rousing round of “Time Warp” which brought Lara Croft running to our room to start us all over from the beginning (for the actress, also, runs the Rocky Horror Production in town as her other job), and gives us an outstanding dance performance with it.
  • King Julian making a comment about not having heels, only to borrow a tall pair from one of our girls and running off (classy and fast and not even with a wobble) to show them off all around the restaurant, while being chased by said show owner.
  • The “Potty Patrol” which is a time honored tradition where you ask your server where the restroom is and they take you around the whole restaurant shouting about where you are going and why in the most hilarious, all in good fun, nature, bound for embarrassment and endless laughter.
  • A last great laugh was when Mario started ‘decorating’ the to-go boxes in a perfect fashion as well, as you can see here:

musicals musicals

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