GGB San Antonio: Gotta Catch Em All!

Gotta Catch Em All!

Geek Girl Brunch San Antonio closed out the 2016 year with a month focused on Pokemon! Our Lovely Lady Trainers all met up at a new location, at the edge of town, Kona Grill, where the staff was amazed and awed by all the work that went into out set up and couldn’t help stopping by to peek and peer at everything (and who kept coming by all brunch to see everything new as it rolled out!).

We started, as always, with our lovely coloring sheets of the favorite four Pokemon and grab bags of amazing with Pokemon cards, Poke-Ball bath bombs (with a surprise inside!), candy, and even small Pokemon toys, including a specialized Pikachu for everyone in a different mood or pose!

catch em catch em

Here are a number of our geek girls rocking our their trainer look through brunch as well:

catch em catch em

catch emcatch em

The food was fabulous, as were the drinks, and everyone spent the time talking about the way they found the fandom whether it was cards, cartoons, comics, games, and which, what, whether of everything. Not to forget — the wonder of everyone having their phones out catching Pokemon at the restaurant specifically picked for it’s location to all a trainer could need and some helpfully dropped lunch lures.

The raffle table was a wonderful beauty to behold, as out girls are always ready to help out!

catch em

And our winners:

catch em catch em  catch em catch em catch em catch em

catch em

But the best part of the brunch — the part that had everyone laughing the most — was what happened next. One of our girls had brought a bunch of the teeny tiny Pokemon toys and all of our girls gathered like awe-struck children seeing their first Pokemon in the wild, choosing which to take home, but what came next was hilarious!

catch em catch em

We ended up leaving the rest of the overwhelming influx of Pokemon with our hostesses and servers, watching workers tear across the restaurant in quick breaks from serving, cooking, washing, and everything, to come pick their own and run away with their own surprise booty in tow!

Keep it classy Kona and Trainer Ladies! <3

** More pictures can by found in December 2016 – Pokemon Brunch