GGB Glasgow caught them all: the Pokémon brunch

The Pokébrunch goodies that greeted us on arrival
The Pokébrunch goodies that greeted us on arrival

On Sunday 14 August, we met up at Glasgow’s whimsical Butterfly and the Pig for our Pokémon brunch, in honour of the launch of Pokémon Go. We decided not to go to Edinburgh because the Festival is in full swing, so the city is, frankly, mental. This was also the first brunch organised by the new coven of officers, Becky (already an officer, so all wise in the ways of Geek Girl Brunch), Kathleen, Lindsay, and Siobhan.

We had two new members of the group attending for the first time, which was great. Officer Becky had adorned our plates with a lovely variety of Pokémon stickers (the larger retro cards from The House of Trolls, and the teeny stickers from BluePotionUK, which were a lovely start – some brunchettes’ mobile phone cases are looking a lot brighter now! Officer Lindsay had brought along some of her Pokémon toys to brighten up the table, while many of us dressed up for the occasion, in a variety of Pokémon t-shirts, a gorgeous home-made Pikachu skirt, and a Squirtle hat.

Some Pokémon friends joined us for the occasion
Some Pokemon friends joined us for the occasion

Officer Kathleen presented everyone with their official Pokémon Trainer certificates, so clearly it’s now just a matter of time until we control all the local Pokémon Go gyms (or is that wishful thinking?). An obliging waitress captured the moment:

The Glasgow Pokebrunch attendees, with their trainer certificates.
The Glasgow Pokebrunch attendees, with their trainer certificates.

The food was wonderful, with massive portions – too much for those of us who ordered the Sunday roast – and officers Becky and Lindsay enjoyed their cocktails immensely. The rest of us went for various ciders or vodkas with mixers – all were very good!

Glasgow Pokebrunch roast
A Sunday roast of epic proportions

The chat was varied, but always entertaining. We talked mostly about Pokémon, of course, from who had watched the cartoons/films and played the games in the past to who was playing Pokémon Go now. Most of us play the new game, some with their kids, which is such a great family activity, while others working in schools debated how they were going to handle lots of children trying to catch the same Pokémon! We made an attempt to assign Pokémon to their respective Pokéballs, as imagined by Nintendude 219 – the large version is below, so see how well you get on! While we didn’t catch get them all, we did pretty well. Good luck! All this talk of going out to catch Pokémon led to some discussion of real-life games like Alien Wars, Zombie Apocalypses, and escape rooms – could there be some Geek Girl Brunch field trips coming up soon?

Nintendude219's "150 Pokeballs" (Deviantart)
Nintendude219’s “150 Pokeballs” (Deviantart)
Brunch cupcakes made by Officer Lindsay
Brunch cupcakes made by Officer Lindsay

Before we left the restaurant, Officer Lindsay gave us all a homemade cupcake from her MegaPixel Munchies geeky bakery! It felt like a proper little party, leaving with our bags of goodies and cake. The afternoon ended with some discussion of our next brunch theme, time, and place. We will be celebrating our favourite animations in September. Invitations have been sent out, but if you want to come along, please sign up!

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