Fun Ice Breakers to try at your next Geek Girl Brunch

Fun Ice Breakers to try at your next Geek Girl Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch is an amazing way for geek girls to meet other nerdy-inclined women in their community. And while hosting your event can be super exciting, it can also be daunting, worrying about whether or not people are going to get along, or socialize at all. Meeting strangers is intimidating to a lot of people, no matter how confident they are. And as the host, it’s your responsibility to help the conversations begin and keep things flowing. Here are some fun and geeky ice breakers to ensure your next Geek Girl Brunch is full of giggles, grins, and grenadine.

1. Play “Name that Geek.”
Place an index card and a pen or pencil at everyone’s spot on the table. Ask everyone to list their top 5 geek loves, and name on the card. Then collect them up and play “Name that Geek.” The host reads off the geek loves, and the girls have to guess who wrote them. Maybe even offer door prizes to the most right!

Space Adventurer Brunch in Kaiserslautern
Space Adventurer Brunch in Kaiserslautern

2. Name off your “Guilty geek pleasures” or “Secret geek crush.”
Nothing is more fun than bonding over embarrassing and blush-worthy things. Go around the table and ask everyone to state their name and their guilty geek pleasure, or their secret geek crush. The giggles won’t stop, I can assure you.

3. Ask trivia about your theme.
Your brunchettes will likely have prepared a little bit for the theme, so play some good old fashioned geeky trivia! Offering door prizes for the winner is another fun way to keep your brunchettes happy. You can even pass the torch a bit, so each girl gets a chance to ask a trivia question. Place an index card face down at each person’s table with the word “Trivia” on the back. Then each person has to read their trivia question aloud, and everyone gets a chance to speak.


4. Play a drinking game.
We’re all responsible adults here, so of course let’s take this one with a grain of salt… found on the rim of our margarita. Assign buzzwords that if spoken aloud, mean a brunchette has to take a sip of her drink. If your brunchettes don’t drink, they can of course drink whatever non-alcoholic bev they’re sipping. Words like “brunch,” “drink,” and “geek” may be common place at the table, or even words relating to your brunch theme.

5. Go around the table asking how each girl found out about Geek Girl Brunch.
This is a great way to find out what common ways the brunchettes found out about the brunch. It also helps you as the host to find out what the brunchettes are doing!

Marvel Brunch in NYC
Marvel Brunch in NYC

Bonus: Pro-Tips!

And here are some bonus pro-tips for you fancy Geek Girl Brunch hosts!

  • It’s a good idea for everyone to have name tags, or place cards at their spot, but not always possible. If it isn’t – make sure you run around the table letting everyone say their name.
  • Do a little internet research on your brunchettes before hand, so you can remember who they are.
  • Set aside time at the end to exchange deets. Make sure those who want to exchange social media contact information so they can stay in touch after the event.
  • If a brunchette seems to have visit this site had too much to drink, don’t let her drive! And brunchettes, be responsible and don’t put your host in an awkward sitch.
  • Poll your brunchettes after the event to see how it went. It’ll give you tips for improving the next event.

That’s all from me brunchettes, but until next time – post your fun ice breaker ideas, or pro-tips in a comment!